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Honest printing in the UK has made a comprehensive investment in the fields involved to expand its label printing capacity

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core tip: integrity print in the UK has recently made a comprehensive investment in the fields involved to ensure the continuous progress of projects in enterprise expansion and diversification, The company celebrated its 100th anniversary in november2016

[China Packaging News] integrity print, a British company, recently made a comprehensive investment in its fields to ensure the continuation of its projects in terms of enterprise expansion and diversification. The company celebrated its 100th anniversary in november2016

the investment made by honest printing company includes the acquisition of CP packaging, a professional food packaging enterprise, expanding its own laser printing and label printing capabilities, and recruiting new employees to develop its data and e-commerce solutions

the label business division of honest printing company purchased the local CP packaging in February of this year in terms of H. safety devices: overload emergency stop device, up and down travel limit device, leakage automatic power off system and automatic breakpoint stop function. Now, the latter has been integrated into the company's factory in Westfield. This acquisition enables honest printing to provide reserved short version food packaging by helping its Saikang digital printing machine and GM post-processing production line in the printing prototype. This department has recently raised its BRC certification from level 2 to level 1, which can produce packaging in direct contact with food

by purchasing Xerox nuvera 144 and Xerox versant 2100 digital printers, the company's laser and mail business unit has improved its monochrome and color laser printing capacity. Now, the Department has four continuous laser printers, five laser cutting machines and four packaging lines. The new printing machine can support the growth of clarity mail system and meet the needs of honest printing outsourcing office mail solution, which had sales of nearly £ 1million in 2015

the printing division of honest printing has newly purchased tamarack production line. Now, the Division has 8 production lines and is the leading integrated product manufacturer in the UK. Now, the common and printed combination labels have become the first products sold by the company, and the subsequent sales are expected to further help the growth of this field

the technical service department of real printing has recruited new employees, who will develop their customized web 2 storer explained that print solutions are used in the fields of education and food labeling. The Department will also develop its own e-commerce platform and create integrated file compression and e-billing solutions for employees for invoicing, evaluation and settlement

"our 100th birthday is a major anniversary, and it is also a festival that our employees and customers must celebrate. But it is also important for us to ensure that the enterprise has a stable and profitable future," said Mark Cornford, general manager of honest printing. "Our expansion and diversification projects have shown results in our business unit, and we will continue to explore new opportunities to meet the changing market demand

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