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British media: China will sanction certain US companies, making the us aware of its own weakness

Reuters said on January 26, original title: China threatens to sanction US companies: will this be the future? For US officials or US corporate executives, it should be expected that China has recently threatened to sanction US military enterprises that sell weapons to Taiwan. Washington has taken such measures for years, and it is only a matter of time before competitors replicate such tactics. Whether China implements the threat of sanctions or not, Washington needs to prepare for a new normal: it must prevent being sanctioned while imposing sanctions

China is following China's example, so it is difficult to take advantage of Washington's original sanctions against Iran to force us enterprises to choose between selling weapons to Taiwan and entering Chinese Mainland, whose economic scale is nearly 20 times that of the former. Although US companies do not sell military equipment to Chinese Mainland at present, many US defense contractors are selling civil aircraft, civil parts and other civil equipment to them

for Beijing, it is also a change of official position. For a long time, China has said that only sanctions imposed by the UN Security Council are legitimate. But Beijing is not sticking to this idea. For example, in 2012, China retaliated for restricting the import of fruits and vegetables from the Philippines due to the South China Sea dispute. However, the public threat of such sanctions on the Taiwan issue marks a "major escalation" in Beijing's attitude, which clearly shows its will to impose sanctions on US enterprises involved in arms sales to Taiwan, especially those enterprises that are obviously authorized by the Obama administration if you want to know more about the details of the testing machine and supported by some members of Congress

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in Beijing's view, China's growing economic and financial influence will make the threat of sanctions more credible and powerful. From cars to chips, China is a crucial market for many American products. Last year, a data showed that at least 10% of the business of many well-known American enterprises is in the Chinese market.

to deal with the threat of sanctions from China, the United States needs to take a variety of measures. First, it needs to start systematic planning Defensive measures. Second, Washington needs to show Beijing that it will support us companies threatened by sanctions. Third, US companies need to take more actions to strengthen their response to potential vulnerabilities. Fourth, the United States needs to invest more diplomatic capital to establish global standards for when sanctions should be imposed

sanctions and other economic instruments will play a central role in US diplomacy in the coming years. China's threat of sanctions is making the United States realize that it also has weaknesses

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