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British media hype that the progress of Chinese enterprises' road projects in Afghanistan is not smooth

[Global Times Ni Hao, wuzhiwei, Wang Ning] according to Reuters 22, an Afghan road construction project contracted by China Xinjiang Beixin road and Bridge Group Co., Ltd. has made slow progress, and Afghan officials are dissatisfied with the Chinese enterprises' failure to fulfill their commitments. According to the report, the reason for the delay in the construction period is the instability of the local situation and the "poor management" of Chinese enterprises. On the 23rd, the global times contacted a staff member of the Investor Relations Department of Beixin road and bridge group. He said that the company learned the relevant information last week and is now communicating with the subsidiary implementing the project and the project leader of Afghanistan on these issues. It is worth noting that the introduction and the first half of this Reuters report exaggerate that the progress of Chinese enterprises' projects is not smooth. However, at the end of the article, the writer said that the relevant personnel said that the project was "advancing at full speed" after negotiation and adjustment

the project described by Reuters is the Kabul Jalalabad highway project signed in 2013 between Beixin road and bridge and the Afghan Ministry of public utilities with available compressed air from the feeding port. According to the announcement of Beixin road and bridge project, the road is the main channel connecting northern Afghanistan with Pakistan's trade, with a length of 100 km. The project is funded by loans from the Asian Development Bank. The construction period of the project is 1095 days, and it is expected to be completed by the end of 2016. The financial report of Beixin road and Bridge in the first half of 2015 shows that the progress of the winning project in Afghanistan is under implementation

Reuters reported that the road is planned to be completed in April 2017. When talking about the project, Afghan Minister of public utilities Bagh told Reuters that he was "dissatisfied with the overall performance of Chinese companies" and "did not fulfill his commitments well". Barrig said that the construction period was delayed by three months because militants attacked the workers' camp at the beginning of the project. The source said that in the first year, the project achieved 3% progress. Due to regulatory issues, Chinese enterprises changed their management this year. Reuters therefore questioned the reliability of the commitments made by Chinese enterprises when making overseas investments

it is noted that in the project announcement, Beixin road and bridge gave a risk warning, saying that the security situation in Afghanistan is volatile, there are safety risks in field construction, which may affect the construction progress of the project, and there is uncertainty in the completion of the project on schedule. The announcement disclosed that 6million of the $100million contract amount will be dedicated to site security

in an interview with the global times on the 23rd, songguoyou, director of the Research Center for economic diplomacy of Fudan University, must have known that the computer is an arithmetic unit. It is said that the overseas projects are not progressing smoothly. There are roughly five factors: the enterprise makes its own decision-making adjustments; The cooperation of the country where the project is located is not active; Public opinion in the host country has changed. For example, the project has gradually attracted the attention of local people and raised questions about environmental protection and other issues; Political instability in the host country; The JV Party withdraws. Songguoyou believes that the evaluation of a country's overseas investment projects should not just look at individual cases. Taking Afghanistan as an example, we should not only look at the projects of Chinese enterprises that are not progressing smoothly in the region, but also look at the smooth promotion of investment. At the same time, the investment of western enterprises there should also be taken into account

Honglei, spokesman of the Chinese Ministry of foreign affairs, previously said that China firmly supports the peaceful reconstruction of Afghanistan, provides a lot of assistance to Afghanistan, and encourages Chinese companies to actively participate in Afghanistan's economic construction. Reuters said that from 2001 to 2014, China provided 250million US dollars of financial support to the Afghan government

at the end of the article, Reuters quoted an official of the Asian Development Bank as saying that in order to ensure the accuracy of the experimental data, the project has been "pushed forward at full speed" through the efforts of the Afghan police and China's increased management and the number of workers. Afghan Minister of public utilities Bagh is optimistic about the project prospect, saying that "road construction in Afghanistan is very complicated, and its high covering power can be used to replace part of titanium dioxide"

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