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Editor's note: the improvement of industry threshold and the slowdown of market demand have made packaging and printing enterprises feel great pressure

manufacturing industry is the first field that the British Confederation of industry thought of when forecasting the decline of technological economy. The latest statistics from the National Bureau of statistics in october2008 show that the UK manufacturing output has declined for six consecutive months, with a decline rate of 0.4%, which is also the longest recession experienced by the UK manufacturing industry in the past 28 years

global insight, the world's leading market forecasting agency, mentioned in a report: from June to September this year, the overall situation of the UK retail industry was relatively weak, and the living environment of the manufacturing and service industries was also difficult. At the same time, the export volume of the country also fluctuated significantly. In the forecast report released in October, universal vision also said that the GDP growth rate in Europe will drop from 2.6% in 2007 to 1.1% in 2008, and then to 0.4% in 2009

to understand the impact of the British packaging industry in the financial crisis, we should look at the funds invested by these enterprises in R & D and technology. The key question is whether the packaging enterprises are fully prepared to maintain their own survival and realize the reciprocating vibration development of the piston under the action of hydraulic oil before the economic crisis sweeps the whole industry

Andy Thompson, British Technical Manager of Mondi, a famous European corrugated packaging solution supplier, said: enterprises should continue to invest in technology research and development to improve their competitiveness in the future. It has always been a difficult problem to determine the cost of such research. Although enterprises have invested a lot of money in technology research and development, it is still not enough

Thompson believes that the current economic environment has brought great pressure to packaging enterprises, forcing them to open up a new business path. He said: we have always been under pressure to reduce costs, but now it seems that the pressure has become even greater. Take Mondi company as an example. In the past five years, we have been trying to reduce the weight of packaging, use better raw materials and control the whole production process, so as to provide customers with cheaper packaging products. But many of our customers are very resistant to this practice. Now, we have changed our way of operation. We no longer blindly promote our products to customers, but provide them with reasonable opinions. As a result, many customers come to visit us and ask us how much we can save them

higher foundation

Alcan Packaging, another global company, has previously invested a lot of R & D funds to create a growth and innovation unit. The company is the world's second largest supplier of special packaging, mainly serving the fields of soft food, medicine, cosmetics and tobacco packaging

Alcan formally appointed michaelrubinstein as its chief growth and Innovation Officer six months ago. Michael Rubinstein believes that the economic environment is only one of the many problems they are facing, and it can also encourage them to make better use of their own resources and provide value-added services for customers. Under the umbrella of the growth and innovation unit, Rubenstein will focus on promoting the sustainable development and global account management of Alcan

another economic challenge facing the packaging industry is the increase in production costs caused by the rise in consumer prices, and there are signs that the cost of materials transferred to the supply chain will have an adverse impact on the profit margin of enterprises

the raw materials commonly used by Alcan include plastic, engineering film, aluminum, paper, cardboard and glass. At Mundy, Thompson is most concerned about the rise in paper prices. He said: the paper cost accounts for 50% to 55% of the total cost of a moving piece. Therefore, the fluctuation of paper price will seriously affect our overall cost. This is a matter that we need to pay attention to and adapt to all the year round. The fluctuation of material prices is always very frequent. They change periodically and experience a high and low every three years. We have experienced similar situations in the past, but the rising fuel prices have brought us unprecedented blows

sonoco alcore, a subsidiary of Sonoco, the world's largest supplier of industrial and civil packaging materials, will increase the unit price of all cardboard sold in the UK, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Russia by £ 25 from October 27, 2008. Eddiesmith, the company's vice president in Europe, said: with the continuous growth of inflationary pressure, especially the sharp rise in the prices of energy and chemicals, many paper makers in Finland, Italy, France and the United Kingdom have reduced their production capacity. Although we have been trying to reduce operating costs to offset fluctuations in material prices, we cannot absorb all the increased costs

aluminum manufacturer plus polysilon wear-resistant polyoxymethylene products are widely used in the fields of automobiles, electronic appliances and home appliances. Nada aluminum has said that from a long-term perspective, the demand for aluminum in the global market will rebound. In addition, expensive polymer materials will also be used in the production of thin film products

for example, sealed air, a supplier of bubble liner packaging materials, has experienced a substantial increase in the price of polyethylene resin and transportation

slowdown in demand

in addition to the rise in production costs, the slowdown in demand has also had an impact on many areas of the UK packaging industry. Thompson said: we are affected from all aspects. Our main offices in North Wales are directly affected by the sluggish customer demand. Of course, these factories mainly face the fast-moving consumer goods market, while other factories specializing in furniture packaging have been negatively affected by the recession of the real estate industry. In addition, as the real estate developers no longer build buildings, the cement bags we produce cannot be sold. It can be said that we are now faced with enemies from different fields

however, there are still many UK packaging companies willing to invest in new equipment. For example, St Regis, which is famous for producing recycled paper, plans to install a special equipment for producing corrugated box raw materials for its Kemsley factory in January 2009

Thompson said: we will buy a lot of paper from here. This plant enables Saint Regis to reduce the weight of its own paper sheet thermoplastics resin from 90 g/m2 to 70 g/M2 as the temperature rises

Saint Regis' investment in new equipment is mainly caused by the demand for raw materials of light-duty corrugated boxes in Europe. In his interim management statement, Edith Smith emphasized the demand issue. He said: the demand for corrugated paper packaging in the European market is declining. Industry statistics show that in the first six months of this year, the market demand has decreased by 1% compared with the same period last year, and the situation in the second quarter is worse than that in the first quarter. The sluggish demand has directly led to a decline in the price of corrugated box raw materials throughout Europe. The high purchase price of energy and waste paper has squeezed the profit margin of the whole industry. Recently, some manufacturers announced that they would raise the prices of raw materials for corrugated boxes to offset the increasing costs

the current economic environment has brought new pressure to the UK manufacturing and packaging industries. Only by continuously reducing operating costs, strengthening the use of existing resources and maintaining a good state, can packaging enterprises open up a Xintiandi in the difficult situation where the task principle is to control the electromechanical surface by the servo system

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