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British media: China's manufacturing industry wants to use investment to expand overseas new markets

reference news on May 29, British media said that the 25 report of KPMG (KPM by Geim of the University of Manchester, UK, was found in 2004) showed that looking for growth opportunities and increasing R & D investment are the primary work priorities of Chinese manufacturing executives, and they are looking for opportunities to expand overseas new markets by using the main body of the investment machine

according to Reuters on May 25, the latest industrial manufacturing report of KPMG surveyed 360 senior managers evenly distributed in the Americas, Europe and Asia, including 36 senior managers from China, covering six major industries: aerospace and defense, automotive, integrated enterprises, medical equipment, engineering and industrial products, and metals

the report shows that in China, as many as 95% of senior executives believe that growth is the focus or top priority of their work in the next two years, compared with only two-thirds in the past two years. The survey found that more than 60% of respondents in the world and China tend to achieve their expansion goals through organic growth, while most Chinese respondents plan to invest at least 6% of their revenue in R & D to promote business growth

8. Repeat steps 4-7 cenwenguang, CO director of KPMG China manufacturing, said that the Chinese government has said that it will continue to encourage Chinese enterprises to make overseas direct investment. Therefore, Chinese manufacturing enterprises are looking for opportunities to use investment to enter more overseas new markets

according to the survey, as many as 94% of senior executives in China plan to enter the new regional market in the next 24 months, and 89% of senior executives show that they plan to enter the new industry

Fang Dawei, KPMG's strategic partner in China market, pointed out that the strategy of manufacturing enterprises has changed. Previously, they were made in China, but now they are ready to sell to China. Although many western manufacturing enterprises are talking about the strategy of selling to China, the respondents who are most inclined to enter new markets through investment are from emerging markets (especially India and China). He said

it is reported that in order to ensure the competitive advantage in the future, manufacturing enterprises recognize the urgent need to increase investment in innovation and R & D. The survey shows that more than 62% of Chinese executives plan to invest more than 6% of their revenue in R & D in the next two years, while less than half of the global respondents have such plans. Compared with the past two years, this proportion has increased significantly. In the past two years, only one third of global and Chinese manufacturing enterprises invested more than 6% of their revenue in R & D

chenjiande, KPMG's co director of industrial manufacturing in China, said that foreign investors who can innovate and invest in new technologies should be able to find strong growth opportunities in China. Chinese manufacturing enterprises are keen to climb up the value chain and expand their global footprint, which brings not only competition but also cooperation opportunities

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