Precautions for tiling construction in the middle

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Precautions for tiling construction in the middle of decoration

the base course should be cleaned before tiling. If there are decorations such as lime paste, emulsion paint, wallpaper on the wall, or dirt on the ground, it must be cleaned, otherwise the cement mortar will not bond firmly with the base course; In addition, if there are cracks in the wall itself, it should be properly handled before tiling, so as to prevent the cracks in the basic structure from becoming larger in the future, resulting in the cracking or falling off of the wall tiles; In addition, the ground and wall surface with too large difference in flatness or verticality should be leveled with cement mortar

<& lt;& lt; Link: reference for acceptance of wall tile pasting in home decoration

floor tiles should be pasted inward and outward. If there is a slope or floor drain on the ground, pay attention to slope making according to the drainage direction; The wall tiles should be paved from bottom to top. For the sake of beauty, the tiles at the bottom should be pasted later. Press the floor tiles after the wall tiles are pasted. If there is half a brick, try to put it below. In addition, one wall cannot be pasted to the top at one time to prevent the tile from collapsing due to its heavy self weight

wall tiles have high moisture content, which must be taken into account when pasting. Before tiling, the base course should be fully watered and wetted, and the tiles should also be soaked in water for at least 20 minutes before use. Otherwise, the moisture in the mortar will be quickly absorbed by the dry base course and ceramic tiles and set rapidly, which will affect its bonding fastness. Wall tiles will also absorb water from the cement, making the cement unable to act as an adhesive. In addition, the water absorption of each brand of wall tiles is also different, which depends on experience





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