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The paper-making enterprises in Dongguan, Guangdong Province have been listed as the key targets for remediation.

the paper-making industry has been regarded as one of the main "perpetrators" of water pollution in Dongguan City due to its large pollution discharge and great impact. Yesterday, according to the relevant person in charge of Dongguan Environmental Protection Bureau, 124 paper-making enterprises in the city have been listed as key targets by the environmental protection department, and 34 have been investigated and dealt with within two months

it is understood that the environmental problems of the paper industry in Dongguan City have been listed in the ten items of Guangdong Province by the provincial Environmental Protection Bureau. It is one of the environmental problems to be solved that the experimental speed is relatively low. 3. The indication error appears "positive before negative" or "negative before positive after positive" on the dial, and a single point is out of tolerance. In order to comprehensively renovate the paper industry, Dongguan Environmental Protection Bureau classified the paper industry as a key pollution source controlled by the city. The municipal environmental protection supervision office is required to conduct on-site supervision at the enterprise at least once a quarter and record the operation. The municipal environmental protection monitoring station is required to conduct on-site sampling at the enterprise at least once a quarter to analyze the compliance of wastewater and waste gas discharge

it is reported that in the first ten days of June, the environmental protection department formulated the implementation plan for comprehensive environmental improvement of Dongguan paper industry and set up a special law enforcement inspection team to focus on the status quo of the enterprise's pollution control facilities, the treatment effect of three wastes, and the unauthorized increase of production equipment. Within two months, the municipal and township inspection teams dispatched more than 700 person times to conduct on-site inspection and follow-up review on 124 paper-making enterprises in the city. Focus on checking the current situation of the enterprise's pollution control facilities, the treatment effect of three wastes, and whether the production equipment has been increased without authorization

after special inspection, the environmental protection department investigated and dealt with 34 enterprises violating environmental laws. Among them, there are 32 enterprises with poor treatment facilities or unable to stably meet the discharge standards; 2 enterprises using pollution control facilities abnormally; Some enterprises expand their production scale without authorization

the relevant person in charge of the environmental protection department said that at present, seven paper-making enterprises in Dongguan have been shut down, and an administrative punishment notice will be issued to enterprises violating environmental laws. In September, the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau will request the municipal government to issue a notice of treatment within a time limit to the papermaking enterprises that failed to meet the standards in both monitoring, and order them to complete the treatment task within three months. If the company fails to make treatment within the time limit or fails to meet the standard after treatment, it shall be shut down according to legal procedures

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