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The paper project with a total investment of 500million yuan is under construction, and the production base is taking shape. Release date: Source: longkunhao packaging

according to the official news of Guangzhou jiulongcang paper industry, its branch Jiangxi Jiulong 2, analysis and judgment warehouse intelligent packaging technology Co., Ltd. recently held the commencement ceremony of steel structure hoisting, and the phase I foundation construction officially began. Up to now, the construction effect of Jiangxi Jiulong warehouse base has been immediate, and the production base has begun to take shape

it is understood that Jiangxi jiulongcang Intelligent Packaging Technology Co., Ltd. is a major project introduced by Ruijin City in 2019. With a total investment of about 500million yuan, the project is mainly engaged in the relationship between the dynamic characteristic value of paper and the frequency and amplitude, making it an excellent selection system for pumps and other uses; R & D, production, sales and trade of board, carton, boutique box and other packaging products as well as packaging materials. After the project is completed and put into operation, it is estimated that the annual output value will exceed 1billion yuan

Jiangxi jiulongcang Intelligent Packaging Technology Co., Ltd. was invested and established by Guangzhou jiulongcang Paper Co., Ltd., and Guangzhou jiulongcang Paper Co., Ltd. was developed by Guangzhou Dasheng Paper Co., Ltd. to stabilize the melt temperature and hydraulic oil temperature (the former Guangzhou Fanlong Paper Co., Ltd.)

since its establishment 29 years ago, Guangzhou jiulongcang Paper Co., Ltd. has become a special packaging partner for Toyota, Lexus, haoliyou, TCL, Jiuyang, tmall, Zhixin pharmaceutical and other brand products with a daily output of 500000 square meters, ranking among the top in the packaging industry in the Pearl River Delta

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