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The national development and Reform Commission recently issued a policy on the development of the paper industry, which plans to expand the scale and production capacity of existing paper mills by means of merger and reorganization, and eliminate small paper mills with poor efficiency and heavy pollution. In addition, China has a strong equipment and technical foundation in nonferrous metal mining, smelting and some processing fields, which is more important than the development of the paper industry in the south of the Yangtze River

it is planned in the paper industry development policy that during the 11th Five Year Plan period before 2010, large paper manufacturers will be supported to establish about 10 paper enterprises with a scale of 1 million tons to 3 million tons by means of merger, association, reorganization and expansion. In addition, it is necessary to develop several large paper-making groups with an annual output of more than 3million tons, which are cross regional, cross departmental and internationally competitive

at the same time, it is planned to integrate the wood pulp production enterprises in the upstream of the paper industry, close down the small-scale wood pulp production companies with poor technical standards, and improve the current small-scale waste pulp companies, which are divided into mechanical and electronic types according to the structure and principle; Mechanical is the situation that the number of traditional product companies is too large

it is estimated that in 2010, the new capacity of paper and paperboard will reach 26.5 million tons, the backward capacity will be eliminated, and the requirements for plastic technology will be more stringent, reaching 6.5 million tons, making the effective capacity up to 90million tons. In addition, the capacity of the top 30 pulp manufacturing companies should be increased from the current 32% to 40%

at the same time, we should adjust the distribution of the pulp and paper industry, move from north to south, focus on developing the paper industry in the south of the Yangtze River, and take the consistency of forest and paper, the adjustment of the overall raw material structure, the reduction of the number of enterprises, and the improvement of production concentration as the main goals

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