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Diatom mud is a very popular wall decoration material at present, which has the characteristics of green and environmental protection. It has always been a wall decoration material loved by consumers. However, diatom mud is not perfect, and it also has some shortcomings. Today, let's learn about the advantages and disadvantages of diatom mud

diatom mud is a very popular wall decoration material at present, which has the characteristics of green and environmental protection. It has always been a wall decoration material loved by consumers. However, diatom mud is not perfect, and it also has some shortcomings. Today, let's learn about the advantages and disadvantages of diatom mud

what is diatom mud? What is its purpose

diatom mud is a natural environmental protection interior wall decoration material, which is used to replace wallpaper and latex paint, and plays the role of interior wall decoration and indoor air purification. Powder packaging, not liquid barrels. Its main raw material is diatom mineral &mdash& mdash; Diatomite. Diatomite is a natural mineral deposited by aquatic plankton diatom hundreds of millions of years ago. Its main component is natural material, which is light, soft and porous. Therefore, it has strong adsorption and ion exchange function

diatom mud has a wide range of applications. It can be applied to the following places: Families (living room, bedroom, study, nursery, ceiling, etc.), apartments, kindergartens, nursing homes, clubs, theme clubs, high-end hotels, holiday hotels, office buildings, style restaurants, etc

What are the advantages and disadvantages of diatom mud

advantages of diatom mud

advantages of diatom mud 1: elimination of formaldehyde

unique “ Molecular sieve ”, The newly decorated floors, sofas, furniture and other harmful substances such as free formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, radon and TVOC are absorbed, decomposed and eliminated by tens of thousands of small holes opened by diatom mud, which solves the current indoor pollution problem that seriously puzzles the home. Taking the room with the initial formaldehyde concentration of 2.5mg/m3 (30 times over the standard) as an example, the indoor formaldehyde concentration is reduced to 0.03mg/m3 after 1 hour (Note: the national standard is 0.08mg/m3), and the formaldehyde concentration is close to 0 after 4 hours. The release life of formaldehyde is 3 ~ 15 years, while the life of diatom mud can reach 20 years. Therefore, the harmful substances constantly distributed indoors every day, diatom mud can be put on a net to wait for how much is released and how much is decomposed

diatom mud has two advantages: deodorization and deodorization

diatom mud can remove all kinds of odors produced by indoor environmental pollution, such as fish odor, pet odor and smoke, and can always keep the indoor air fresh

diatom mud has three advantages: improve sleep

diatom mud can release 1869 negative oxygen ions per square centimeter per second. Negative oxygen ions float around in the air, making the room as fresh as nature. In addition, diatom mud can also release far-infrared rays, which can effectively regulate human microcirculation and improve people's sleep quality

advantage 4 of diatom mud: humidity control and sterilization

the humidity control function of diatom mud is 4 ~ 6 times that of long charcoal and bamboo charcoal. When the room is wet, the micropores of diatom mud can absorb water molecules in the air and store them; When the air is dry, it can release water molecules for humidity regulation, so people call diatom mud “ Breathing walls ”, Without humidifier, power supply and control, the indoor humidity can always be maintained at the most comfortable 40 ~ 60 degrees. When the air humidity is between 40 and 60 degrees, mold and mites cannot survive, which not only kills the flu and infectious disease germs in the air, but also ensures that the quilt, clothes are damp and the wall is moldy

diatom mud has five advantages: cleaning and self-cleaning

during breathing, diatom mud can absorb oil molecules for fission and decomposition by using its own porosity, releasing substances harmless to human body; In addition, it is a natural mineral, which does not contain heavy metals and generate static electricity, so it does not absorb dust

advantage 6 of diatom mud: heat preservation and energy saving

the microporous structure of diatom mud leads to its low heat conductivity, and its heat preservation and insulation performance is more than 6 times higher than that of cement and mortar, which greatly saves electricity and heating costs

advantage 7 of diatom mud: fire prevention and flame retardancy

when there is a fire, most people are not burned to death, but choked by the toxic smoke produced when burning. Diatom mud can withstand a high temperature of 1300 ℃, only the melting point has no ignition point, does not burn in case of open fire, and does not produce any toxic substances, which can effectively prevent the spread of fire and reduce casualties after the fire

advantage 8 of diatom mud: noise reduction and sound insulation

the countless micropores of diatom mud can absorb and reduce noise. Its effect is equivalent to more than twice that of cement mortar and slate of the same thickness, which can shorten the residual sound by 50%, greatly reduce the transmission of noise, and help you create a quiet indoor environment

advantages of diatom mud nine: color eye protection

diatom mud has a strong light absorption rate, which makes the reflected light naturally soft, makes the eyes very comfortable, and also reduces the myopia rate of children. Now children are under great pressure in learning. While constantly using their eyes, they will be stimulated by indoor light, which will cause great damage to their eyesight

the ten advantages of diatom mud: long service life

the service life of diatom mud is up to 20 years, which is not warped, does not fall off, does not fade, is resistant to oxidation, and is always as new, reducing the environmental pollution and economic burden of indoor repeated decoration, which is equal to a one-time investment and lifelong income

disadvantages of diatom mud

disadvantages of diatom mud 1: not resistant to dirt

diatom mud is mostly light and elegant colors. In families with children, it is easy to leave all kinds of stains such as children's playing fingerprints and footprints. Although it is said on the Internet that it can be wiped off with an eraser, many netizens also report that this method is not effective

disadvantages of diatom mud 2: you can't scrub

ceramic tiles or many wall paints are waterproof. If the walls at home are dirty, you can wipe them directly with a wet rag. However, the structure of diatom mud itself is a nano honeycomb structure, and its adsorption is 300 times higher than that of activated carbon. Once wiped with water, it may be directly adsorbed into the molecular structure, which can't play the role of cleaning. In addition, diatom mud is “ Mud ”, Because of nature, you can't scrub with water. Once the wall is dirty, you can't choose to scrub with water

disadvantages of diatom mud 3: not waterproof

diatom mud can't be used in places that are too wet because of its strong water absorption, but it's not waterproof. For example, places like kitchen and bathroom are easy to be wet and can't be decorated with diatom mud. At this time, the limitation of diatom mud decoration

disadvantages of diatom mud 4: clean it often

diatom mud itself can absorb and decompose harmful substances such as dust in the air. If it is not cleaned for a long time, the color of the wall will change and the home environment will become dirty, so diatom mud walls should be cleaned often

disadvantages of diatom mud 5: poor hand feeling

diatom mud feels rough, uneven, and smooth without paint. For people who like the smooth hand feeling of the wall, diatom mud is slightly inferior

disadvantages of diatom mud 6: the colors are not rich enough

compared with the rich colors, active colors and changeable shapes of wallpaper, the texture patterns of diatom mud are monotonous and not rich enough

disadvantages of diatom mud 7: poor hardness

diatom mud is “ Mud ”, Its hardness can't be compared with that of ceramic tiles. According to netizens, diatom mud with poor quality will break into pieces and fall off after being collided

disadvantages of diatom mud 8: the price is relatively expensive

compared with latex paint, the price of diatom mud is relatively high, generally more than 300 or 400 yuan per square meter. Ordinary wage earners will not choose such expensive materials for home decoration due to economic conditions, so in the words of netizens, it is the stuff of the rich

the advantages and disadvantages of diatom mud mentioned above are briefly introduced here. I believe everyone has a steelyard in mind about whether to use diatom mud for decoration. If you have any other questions, you can also leave a message and ask questions, and we will answer them for you in time! Please look forward to more information




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