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“ If you hate someone, let him decorate it ”, Decoration has always been a matter of love and hate. But who can escape? A person will experience decoration at least once. With the shortening of the decoration cycle, eight to ten years is a decoration cycle, and a person will eventually experience more and more decoration times

for this decoration we will eventually experience, we always hope that the fewer problems, the better. In order to make the decoration process smooth and trace back to the source, we need to know the problems and possible greasiness in the decoration

repair ranking list greasy ranking list knows that these make the decoration have a spectrum (sorted by the repair rate)

no.1 latex paint cracking

no.2 ceramic tile hollowing

no.3 nonstandard circuit

no.4 water pipe leakage

no.5 small parts are not installed in place

top three decoration ranking list

no.1 decoration quotation low open high

no.2 bottomless promotion price

No.3 designer's “ Product recommendation &rdquo

latex paint cracking ranks first in the decoration and repair list

previously, Beijing released a decoration and repair list. What is the list of repair in Nanjing? What are the persistent problems of home decoration quality

the reporter learned from more than ten mainstream home decoration companies in Nanjing about their 2012 home decoration repair rate ranking. Like Beijing, latex paint cracking also ranks first in the decoration and repair list

“ Cracking of emulsion paint is the most common problem in decoration. There are many reasons for cracking, which may be caused by structural cracks in the wall itself, or by painters painting without waiting for the putty to dry out, and so on& rdquo; Mr. Zhou, the head of a decoration company in Nanjing, told reporters that in any decoration company, the cracking of latex paint ranks first in the list of repair

in order to minimize problems with the emulsion paint on the wall, it is directly related to the construction of the emulsion paint. The base treatment of the wall and top surface must be done well, and the putty treatment should be paid more attention to, “ Generally, the cracks on the wall surface are not caused by the surface paint, but by the cracks in the putty inside. Therefore, it is necessary to shovel off the putty, paste cloth or kraft paper again, scrape putty, and paint. If cracks are caused by poor quality of base materials such as internal insulation walls, cement or gypsum, the whole wall needs to be treated; If there are cracks around the slotting of hydropower lines or construction holes, local treatment can be done& rdquo;





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