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The definition of economically applicable man: average height, traditional hairstyle, and forgetting his appearance at first glance; Mild personality, salary paid to his wife free of charge; No smoking, no drinking, no turning off, no gambling, no confidante; The monthly salary is 3000 ~ 10000 yuan, and the ability to pay the down payment of housing; Generally, men engaged in education, it, machinery manufacturing and technology industries

"those who are more family friendly than my husband are not as rich as my husband, and those who are richer than my husband are not." When a girl friend proudly says this sentence to you, don't be silly. Yes, this is the most popular "affordable man" among female white-collar workers recently. The times have changed, and many white-collar girls' spouse selection goals have also changed from "golden turtle son-in-law" to "affordable man". Now let's take a look at the affordable men's warm apartment

decoration case of single men's apartment

the living room is mainly decorated with picture frames of different sizes

the single apartment with an area of only 40 square meters is fashionable but warm in style. The living room and bedroom share a large area. How to divide the space reasonably and ensure each other's life functions is very important. Large area bookshelves have played a role of partition, and the lighting has also been guaranteed

bookshelves, lockers, chest of drawers and wardrobe, ingenious use of furniture as the main partition

bedroom, advertising posters are placed in an eye-catching position, and singles' artistic taste can be seen everywhere

old photos hung on the wall of the bathroom. After dehumidification, the bathroom can also have display space





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