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In the afternoon of March 1st, 2019, bangyuan craftsman once again joined hands with nine ball Diva panxiaoting as the brand image spokesperson. The signing ceremony was solemnly held in Shanghai Central International Hotel. Witnessed by more than 30 bangyuan famous craftsman partners and celebrities in the customization industry, Mr. Xin Daan, the chairman of bangyuan famous craftsman, Ms. xiaodongmei, the general manager, and pan Xiaoting, the queen of nine balls, jointly launched the signing ceremony of renewal endorsement, which marks that bangyuan famous craftsman and pan Xiaoting will continue to work together to create a new height of the brand in the future, Create a new future of custom home formaldehyde free small space home

signing ceremony

review the past and continue the front edge

at the signing site, many industry celebrities, panxiaoting studio, a number of authoritative media, representatives of partners of bangyuan famous craftsman and senior executives of bangyuan famous craftsman jointly witnessed this historical moment. As the saying goes, it's better to be happy at first sight than to be bored for a long time. This sentence also applies to brand cooperation. Panxiaoting told the visiting media that the reason why she chose to cooperate with the famous craftsman of bangyuan as always was that she had better understood the meaning of "home" and her desire for the home decoration environment since talking about the famous craftsman of bangyuan in the 1960s, and pointed out that the role of "small space home maker" played by the famous craftsman of bangyuan has a very precise social responsibility significance, For most young people who are struggling and eager to have a family, we should create a changeable living space. The striver should be respected and loved. Combined with their own struggle experience, talking about endorsing bangyuan famous craftsman is also the support and encouragement for the striver

Pan Xiaoting's speech

the three years from 2016 to 2019 are enough to witness the legend of brand development, and bangyuan famous craftsman has made a qualitative leap in many aspects. In terms of product research and development, we will cooperate with well-known domestic design institutions to develop products and innovate. We will choose many international well-known brands to achieve in-depth cooperation in functional application accessories, and will focus more on functional storage. With "small space home maker" as the entry point, we will show another brand communication level full of personality, wisdom, freedom and friendship, and reach brand strategic cooperation with CCTV, Mr. Xin Daan, the founder, and MS. xiaodongmei, the general manager, were on CCTV's cutting-edge trump program "dialogue star brand" in the name of ingenuity to witness the strength of the brand; At the terminal operation level, create a community of interests, deeply reform the terminal operation system, comprehensively improve the profitability of terminals, and realize the maximum value of customers; In terms of honor, it has won a number of awards in the customized home furnishing industry, that is, it has won the top ten brands of China's wardrobe and the "wild goose" Oscar Award, which is well-known in the customized home furnishing industry; In terms of production, six German Haomai digital production lines were introduced, and an exclusive R & D order processing system ERP order processing system was launched at the same time; In terms of marketing, it sends the warmth of "home" to more than 5million + consumers every year, and the sales volume of sales terminals is booming all the way

renew panxiaoting's brand strategy and upgrade

the current competitive environment tends to be white hot in the customized home furnishing industry. If the brand is not strengthened in the minds of consumers through various means, it is difficult to rise suddenly and seize a larger market share. The three-year cooperation not only gave pan Xiaoting a deep understanding of "home", but also made the brand image of bangyuan famous craftsman go deep into the minds of the general public

over the past three years, bangyuan famous craftsman has always practiced the corporate responsibility of "formaldehyde free customization, green first" in the brand position of "small space home maker", constantly pushing through the old and bringing forth the new, forging ahead on the road of environmental protection, and carefully creating a comfortable home for every consumer

pan Xiaoting, a nine ball diva, has been active in the sports industry. Her high popularity, high recognition and positive overall image also make her the perfect choice for the spokesperson of the famous craftsman of bangyuan. Mr. Xin Daan, chairman of bangyuan famous craftsman, said that the scene of bangyuan famous craftsman's meeting and signing a contract with pan Xiaoting three years ago is still fresh in my mind. In these three years, under the influence of Pan Xiaoting, the brand image went deep into the general public and had a far-reaching impact. The renewal of Pan Xiaoting's contract as a brand ambassador fully demonstrates the deep foundation of trust established by both parties. At the same time, we also hope that through pan Xiaoting's positive image, we can express the basic principle of bangyuan famous craftsman focusing on "creating craftsman in formaldehyde free small space home", and work together with dealers across the country to create a win-win situation

in the future, the famous craftsman of bangyuan will continue to work with pan Xiaoting, the queen of nine balls, to bring more families, a more fashionable, healthy and diversified high-quality customized home life, maintain product innovation and implement the original ecological concept, create each product with craftsmanship, and provide high-quality services for consumers to ensure that each product has originality

achieve new brilliance with a high sense of mission

bangyuan famous craftsman hereby promises and proposes that bangyuan famous craftsman will continue to adhere to the industrial norms of green, environmental protection and low carbon, adopt the production raw materials with the highest international environmental protection standards, provide Chinese consumers with living space solutions through personalized furniture design services, and continue to focus on customizing formaldehyde free small space home customization. It also proposes that the industry should take health and environmental protection as the highest standard, and make unremitting efforts to provide aldehyde free healthy household products and living environment for Chinese families. Let every home be a green and healthy home world, carefully select every inch of board, demand the most natural wood, and create the most environmentally friendly ecology

bangyuan famous craftsman will continue to exercise the function of brand no matter in brand marketing, advertising image, product research and development, market development, production and after-sales service. Bangyuan famous craftsman will, as always, convey to everyone the environmental protection concept of focusing on formaldehyde free customization and the image of internationalization of quality, narrowing the distance between bangyuan famous craftsman and dealers and end consumers

over the past 15 years since its establishment, bangyuan famous craftsman has adhered to the road of original brand innovation, and is committed to creating green zero formaldehyde small space home customization products. The smart, fashionable and dedicated design style has made the products widely popular in major home stores across the country. This renewal of panxiaoting's contract further upgrades the brand and pushes the brand image of bangyuan famous craftsman "dedicated, flexible and champion quality" to a new height. Bangyuan famous craftsman will not forget his original intention, and is committed to becoming a leader in the customized home furnishing industry, leading the industry to create a new chapter and new brilliance




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